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A shortage of trucks in the US

In recent weeks, the situation with trucking in the USA has continued to deteriorate. Several factors have come together: increased freight volumes due to a strengthening economy, strong winter weather in certain regions, a shortage of qualified drivers, congestion at sea and rail terminals and, last but not least, new regulations on equipping vehicles with electronic measuring devices (ELDs). Due to nationwide capacity bottlenecks and a no longer existing spot market, freight prices and delivery times are rising.

Analysts expect capacities to become even shorter in April as volumes increase and the full enforcement of the ELD rule begins. Vehicles without devices may then be taken off the road. Different shipping companies and their network partners are no longer able to meet these challenges and have already increased the costs for carrier haulage services or have temporarily stopped this service. For companies and their trading partners, delayed pick-ups and deliveries, as well as significant cost increases, may therefore continue.


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