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A forward-looking approach to business

Facts and figures



Established in

Basel, Switzerland


Aalsmeer, Asten, Bardonnex, Basel, Basildon, Brunegg, Diepoldsau, Geneva, Kloten, Los Angeles, Lyon, Miami, New York, Paris, Pratteln, Rotterdam, Schaanwald, Saint Louis, Wolfurt, Zurich


Worldwide transport and logistics solutions


Road transport, Air freight, Sea freight, Logistics, Customs clearance, Special transport

Turnover in 2020

CHF 376 Mio



Schneider – a logistical success story for more than 150 years


The Schneider Group is expanding. With the acquisition of the logistics company NOVA TRAFFIC in Kloten (Switzerland), Schneider is further expanding its product portfolio. In addition, Schneider enters the German market for the first time through its investment in APRIORI at its Wangen site in the Allgäu region.


André Strebel has been appointed as new CEO of Schneider Group. At the same time, the executive board and investor base are being extended. To expand its e-commerce business, the group is buying a majority stake in Total Freight Management GmbH based at Zurich Airport.


Schneider is maintaining a modern corporate design emphasizing tradition and experience. The group’s French branches have been granted AEO status and its Geneva office has been certified as a secure provider of in-flight supplies at Geneva Airport. The acquisition of Prime Transport USA is strengthening Schneider’s market position in consumer products logistics.


The new strategy lays the cornerstone of the group’s digitalization. Its Dutch subsidiary has acquired AEO status. Business in the USA is being bolstered by the takeover of Transcontainer Transport Inc., New York.


In the year of its 150th anniversary, Schneider took over SLT Speditions Est. to add to its customs clearance expertise. Schneider entered into a partnership with the Swiss investment company Invision.


Schneider took over Glob-Sped AG to expand its range of services.


Management bought a share in the company to preserve its independence.


The European platform was launched in Saint-Louis in Alsace.


Schneider opened new sites in Paris, Lyon and Saint-Louis. In the same year, it set up a subsidiary in the Netherlands.


What had previously been a trade delegation in New York was transformed into an independent company.


Schneider opened new sites in Kloten and Geneva and its involvement in the airfreight business began.


The company moved into its current headquarters in Basel.


The newly opened site in Zurich grew exceptionally quickly.


Schneider began offering groupage transport to France, the Netherlands and Belgium.


The establishment of the company’s site in St. Gallen led it to specialize in the transport and customs clearance of textiles and woven straw materials for the fashion industry in Paris.


After acquiring a share in a company in London and setting up a commercial site in Paris, Schneider began to focus on international business.


Schneider organized the transport of goods between the three railway stations in Basel. The first groupage transport to other countries was arranged, including exports of cheese to Tsarist Russia.


After the death of Dietrich Wölfflin-Lotz, the Schneider family bought the business.


Dietrich Wölfflin-Lotz founded a commercial haulage and commission agency that traded in goods and carried out commission, banking and debt collection activities. The managing director was Erhard Schneider, a businessman from Basel.

The Management

André Strebel


M +41 79 607 89 36


COO Sea & Air

M +41 79 640 88 54


COO Europe & Continental

M +41 79 705 19 10

Daniel Stein


M +41 79 827 59 81

Didier Gomez


M +41 79 593 31 58


IT & Services

M +41 79 373 56 69

Christoph Dietmann

Corporate Sales

M +41 79 432 00 16

We are Schneider!

Our corporate values form the basis of everything we do.


We treat our customers, employees and business partners with respect and our relationship with them is based on an open dialogue. We keep our word and our promises. For us, respect and trust form the basis for working successfully with others.


Through our entrepreneurial independence, we develop transparent, honest and optimal solutions for our customers.


With energy, enthusiasm and expertise, we work hard every day on our customers behalf. For us, being close to our customers is an essential aspect of providing outstanding services. We provide our customers with personal support, helping them to overcome their challenges and achieve success. We are maintaining close, long-term relationships with our customers on all levels of our organization.


We work in a value-creating and responsible manner at all hierarchical levels and in all business areas. We strive for sustainable success and treat our company and its resources with care. 

A forward-looking approach to business

Corporate social responsibility is important to us. We believe that taking economic, environmental and social factors into consideration leads to long-term business success. This approach has a long history at Schneider, as we have more than 150 years of experience.

We have an excellent reputation on the market, among our business partners and employees. We put emphasis on integrity. We do business ethically and we comply with all the relevant legislation and regulations.

Our employees work to ensure that our customers receive a high quality, reliable service. People who work for us understand their roles and responsibilities and provide the required standard of quality.

We offer our employees a pleasant, open working atmosphere and fair, performance-based salary scales to keep their levels of motivation high. The health and safety of our employees in our workplaces is the highest priority of our management team. We treat one another with respect, tolerance, appreciation and fairness.

We take ongoing technical and organizational measures to reduce the consumption of resources within our business or, in some cases, to eliminate it altogether. We give preference to environmentally friendly, low-energy products and services, provided that they are as appropriate and cost-effective as the available alternatives.

Our customers, suppliers and subcontractors are included in all our efforts to the best of our ability. We maintain contacts with public authorities, institutions and the general public so that we can take the appropriate measures if required.

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